How To Arrange The Perfect House Party This Weekend

I can't remember the last time I went out to a club to dance or the theatre to watch a movie. Here's the thing. I'm a bit of a homebody, and to me, the convenience of just having people over, over some drinks, music of our choice, home cooked starters and a movie screening scores way over driving down and spending big bucks on a night out.
Plus, it's incredibly satisfying to throw a nice party for your friends and family and be remembered as someone who knows "how to show a good time."

So here's my top tips on how to organize a killer party or chilling session at home. All you need is these basics.

1. Make music collections.

I cannot stress this enough. The cornerstone of every successful party is a great, curated list of good music. And this is not an overnight process. You need to start collecting and organizing music in advance and keep it ready for every occasion. A sit down Italian dinner will demand a different music than a little shimmy in the patio. Instead of streaming the music online, keep it stored on a flashdrive, so internet connectivity or consuming too much bandwidth is never an issue when playing music seamlessly.

2. Great speakers

bluetooth speakers
What's worse than bad music at a party is missing speakers or bad sound quality. What works the best for me is a great pair of bluetooth speakers that do away with the need to be plugged into a laptop or computer all the time. Another great reason is anyone can play their music with a Bluetooth speaker around.


3. Mobile power banks


Let's face it. Parties mean coordinating with a lot of people over your phone. Whether it's to tell directions to everyone who's coming or to take food deliveries. You get so caught up in the party arrangements that you forget to take care of the little things. Your phone for example. It dies out just when a guest is frantically calling to get your address. Or worse, guests are always trotting between rooms to keep their phone charged, instead of enjoying the party. This is where a portable Power bank comes in. Just keep one on you or at the centre of wherever the party is along with cables, and let people charge their phones without leaving the fun!

Get a dual-USB power bank here.


4. Food

Party food
You don't have to be a gourmet chef to put together some basic party food. Check out Buzzfeed Tasty or many other great cooking blogs to make some simple yet delicious finger foods that can be made in a jiffy. For example, you can never go wrong with some boiled and baked herbed potatoes with a sprinkle of cheese on top or a basic Hummus-Pita. 

5.  Ambience lights


solar LED lights
If it is a party, it gotta look like one. Apart from low lamps, a string or two of fairy LED lights adds to the festive ambience. There's a thousand options, but of late Solar powered LED lights have come a bit of a favourite. a) They don't require electricity or expensive batteries. b) Hunting for a plugpoint isn't a bother since they can last 6-8 hours on a charge.

6. Projector

projector movie
If you truly want to take a house party to the next level, nothing like projecting a movie, music videos or a sports match!  All you need is a projector , whatever you want to project and a plain white/pastel wall or a fabric, to turn your house into a grand theatre! Who needs to sit on those uncomfortable bar chairs for hours over expensive drinks, when the best matches are to be viewed in the comfort of your bedroom or a backyard?

Get an HD mini Projector here.
And to take your party to the next level

7.  VRheadset

Vr headset

Now, this one's for people who love pulling out a party trick or two. Imagine, there's a group of people huddled together in a room, but noone's talking or knows what to do. This is what a VRheadset station would save the day. Just get hold of a couple of great 3D VR-compatible videos, play them on Youtube on your phone, and strap on a VR headset to people, and let them experience magic, at your party. This little trick could keep non-drinkers, kids, and tech nerds busy for hours, while the more gregarious ones busy themselves with food, drinks and conversations. At just $30, this is a bang for buck.

Get one here for just $29. 

Enjoy your party!

7 Amazing Phone Accessories That Every Superhero Lover Will Adore

Whether you are a child or a child at heart, you have a favourite Superhero or a loved character from your childhood comic books. So, while it may be slightly awkward for you to tote these character as toys well into your adulthood now, it's completely okay to make them a part of your adult possessions! Be it a Superhero iPhone cover or Darth Vader flashdrive, we have a kickass gadget for a well-loved superhero.

1. Superman phone case
superman phone case
This minimally beautiful white case for Samsung S5 or an iPhone  sports a Superman logo in Doodle art. Not will it protect your phone from all harm, but it will keep the Superman fan in your alive, without being loud or garish.

2. Pokemon Power Bank

pokemon power bank

This Pokemon ball shaped power bank will make you want to catch em all! Every Pokeman go player knows about the toll the game takes on their phone's battery. So it only makes sense you have a Pokemon themed power bank too.

Get it here.


3. Captain America Flash Drive

captain america flashdrive
This 16Gb pen drive is perfection just like America's favourite superhero. It can carry a ton of your movie, music and photo collection, not to mention digital copies of your favourite comics. Let it save your world, while Captain goes saves his.

Get it here.


4. Minions Flash Drive
minions flash drive minions collectible
This 16gb Minions flash drive will not ask for Bananas but do its job. It's so adorable you wouldn't want to lose it ever, much like all the data it'd hold.

Get it here.


5.  Darth Vader flashdrivedarth vader pen drive flashdrive
While this pen drive may not say "Luke, it's your father", it will hold all your Star Wars movies collection and more!  What's more? It stands on your phone, so when it's not holding all your data with its 64 GB of storage, it just sits there and doubles as a precious collectible.

Get it here


6.  Star Wars R2D2 Flash Drive
star wars gadget
And if heroes, and not the bad guys are more your thing, there's this R2D2 flash drive. Like Darth Vader it will work as the perfect heavy duty flashdrive and also double up as a Star Wars collectible.

Get it here.

7. Ironman Flashdrive

ironman storage drive usb flashdrive

Like the Marvel character, this 34GB USB pendrive will protect and save your data from all harm. Channel your Tony Stark and buy it here.

7 iPhone Accessories That Will Make A Useful & Thoughtful Gift For The iPhone Users You Know

So you’ve saved up enough to get yourself or a loved one an awesome and cool iPhone.   Sure enough, the iPhone is an expensive product, but to make sure you get the most bang out of it, you also need to invest a little in accessories that will make your iPhone experience more fun, more helpful and less stressful. What’s more? These gadgets can make a super useful and thoughtful gift for any iPhone user you know.

Here’s 7 Must-Have iPhone accessories you should buy ASAP.

1.  Power bank

Iphone power bank cheap

Taking all those selfies, streaming shows, and playing games can take a toll on your iPhone’s battery, no matter how good it is. It’s important to have a power-bank handy at all times to ensure you don’t get stranded with a dead phone at any time. Some even come with multiple USB slots so you can charge not one but multiple phones or both your phone and iPad at once.

Buy a range of iPhone friendly power banks here:


2. Flash drive

iphone flash drive

Unfortunately your iPhone only comes with a limited storage, kinda a bummer when you consider the world of possibilities with all those big image files, apps and movies. This is when a flash drive comes in handy. Just like a normal pen-drive, you can plug it into your iPhone/iPad and transfer data between the phone and the computer, or you can play movies, photos and videos directly from the flash drive.

Buy an Apple-certified MFi Flash Drive here:


3. iPhone case

Iphone case waterproof

There are countless options when it comes to iPhone cases. You can get a plain vanilla case, a beautifully printed one, or one that wears many hats! For eg. this waterproof case for those beach selfies, or this classy leather wallet iPhone case. The world is your oyster, or shall we say Case?

Buy a cool iPhone case from the hundreds of options here


5. In-ear bluetooth headphones

in ear bluetooth headphone earphone


While the iPhone 7 comes without headphone jacks, should you happen to lose your precious “airpods”, a bluetooth headphone will come to rescue. It connects via your iPhone’s bluetooth, letting you talk and listen to music on the go without getting entangled in a wiry mess!

Buy one here.


6. iPhone Car charger

Iphone car charger


iPhones are great for long drives and road trips as they double up as mini desktops. But what about when they run out of charge? Battery powerbank are great but exhaustible. With car chargers, you can keep your phone charged in a car on the go. A car charger works great for those long drives, and makes sure you arrive everywhere with a fully charged phone.

Buy one here:

8. iPhone Screen protector

iphone screen protector screen guard


This should really be the first thing you should invest in before you even use the iPhone. The screen protector, as the name says, will protect your iPhone against spills, drops of water or other liquid, scratches, and sometimes even bigger falls.

Buy one here

9. Charging Cables

Iphone USB cables

You can never have enough of USB cables for your iPhone! When you thought just one was enough, you realise you lost it, or little Bruno chewed one apart. Missing your charger while you go on that unexpected stay-over at an Android-using friend’s place? This is why you need at least 3 USB cables. One for home, the other for your bag, and one in the office to make 100% sure you’ll never be left with a dead iPhone for lack of a charging cable. And while you’re at it, might as well make them colourful to offset the pristine whites, blacks and gold of the iPhone!

Buy one here:

Check out for a lot of other phone accessories and rare gadgets at best prices. (For non iPhone users too.)

Does your iPhone really need a screen protector?

The screen of an iPhone is made with ion-strengthened Gorilla Glass which is hard to resist scratches and less shatter if it falls.  However, at a point in time the glass won't be able to withstand any more scratch or fall, and if you keep your iPhone in your bag or pockets with keys or other sharp objects, the screen is bound to get scratched.

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