10 Perfect Under $25 Secret Santa Gifts For Your Colleagues

If you work in a global company, chances are your team celebrates the little Christmas activity called ‘Secret Santa’. For those who’re unaware, Secret Santa is a an activity where a every person in a group is assigned a person each to whom they have to give gifts anonymously. Each person is assigned one such ‘giftee’, usually picked via chits. In the end, everyone gets to give a gift, and everyone receives a gift and it’s finally revealed on the final day who the Secret Santa and giftee were!

While for some it’s a fun filled activity that adds some temporary joy to your mundane office lives, for some it can be a time of distress. Especially if the thought of buying a gift for someone scares you, or you’re not sure what an appropriate gift for a not-so-familiar colleague would be. Don’t even think of buying something too personal for a colleague you know nothing about! Definitely stay away from clothes, perfumes, or personal accessories.

So, we decided to put down a list of gifts that are perfect for a Secret Santa gift. All the gifts are under the $25 mark so you don’t have to bust the bank trying to be a good Secret Santa.

1. A Phone case

iphone case

Find out what phone your assigned giftee uses. If they use an iPhone, a nice leather wallet case would make for a thoughtful and useful gift. If they use any other phone, get a phone cover accordingly.

Check out our iPhone covers and Samsung cases here.

2. Charging cable

android led cable

Never is a charging cable more useful than at a desk when people spend of their time, and keep their devices on charge mode. Since work desks are usually visible areas, people try to put in an effort to make them look good, including charging cables. A colourful braided charging cable for iPhone or a Zipper 2-in-1 cable for both Android and an iPhone.


3. Yoga towel

yoga towel

Know a budding Yoga freak? Make the transition easier for them by gifting them this thoughtful Yoga towel. Plus, if they’re inspired enough to start doing Yoga as a new year resolution, you’re to credit.


4. USB coffee-warmer coaster

usb cup warmer

If your colleague keeps making rounds of the micro-kitchen to heat and reheat and reheat their coffee, this adorable Oreo-cookie shaped USB cup warmer is a perfect gift for them.


5. Bluetooth Beanie with headphones

bluetooth beanie with headphones

Your colleagues will love this beanie with inbuilt headphones so much and you’ll see it when you see them wearing it at work everyday!

6. 3-in-1 flash drive for iPhone, iPad and Android devices

iphone android flash drive

If your colleague keeps running out storage on their phones, a flash drive is the gift for them. Also, useful for exchanging all those work files.

7. Watch and phone charging cum pen stand

phone charging stand and stationery holder

Help your colleague organize their desk and keep their devices charged with this bamboo Apple Watch and phone charging stand and stationary holder.


8. Macbook case

macbook case
If your colleague has an iPad or Macbook, and not a case for either, this Macbook folio case is a perfect gift for them.


9. Power bank

cheap power bank

One of the best gifts you can give someone in 2017 is a power bank! The prices for a good power bank range from $7 for a basic power bank to a $30 one for a heavy duty power bank.

10. Mini Bluetooth speakers

bluetooth speakers

The best part about gifting these mushroom shaped bluetooth speakers is that while your giftee gets to keep them, you can have a mini shindig right at their desk after work one  of the weekends. Hell, maybe they’ll even invite you over for a party at theirs, thinking about the speakers you gifted them which will sort their music.

You can of course combine other gifts like chocolates, cards, and add some of these and make hampers. The idea is to delight your giftee, and do something thoughtful for them even if it's for one day in the year. Apart from gifts, you can consider getting them a coffee, and even decorating their desks with some string lights. 

Cover image courtesy: workitdaily

10 Best Black Friday Deals Under $10

And the D-date is coming closer! The massive Black Friday sales are here! Since shopping on Black Friday can be so overwhelming, I put together a list of the best under $20 deals you can get on Laava. Without further ado, here they are.


1. Lightning Charging Cable

braided lightning cable

These lightning cables are actually $4.99 which makes them a great under $5 deal. But since you probably need two (Just because they're so adorable!) we're calling it an under $10 deal.

Buy one here for $4.99


2. Starry night ceiling pattern lamp

Starry ceiling lamp

This little lamp will turn your boring room into the night sky! Just switch on and enjoy calming patterns all over your room. The kids will love it!

Buy one here for $9.99


3.  Santa Cutlery holder set

christmas cutlery set

This 6 piece Santa cutlery holder is the perfect and a must have on every Christmas dinner table. 

Buy a set here for $9.99

4. Body fat scale 

body fat scale

The portable scale is perfect to measure and keep those holiday binge calories in check!

Buy one here for $9.99


5.  iPhone PU leather case with card slots

iphone pu leather case


The best iPhone case under $10, hands down. Comes in 10 pretty colours.

Buy one here for $8.99

6. Thermal Insulated Lunch Box

thermal insulated lunch box


This $8 thermal insulated lunch box will help carry your lunch to office, school and outings and keep it hot!

Buy one here for $7.99

7.  USB cable 3 in 1 Car or Computer Universal Charger

3 in one usb micro usb lightning cable

This is the mother of all charging cables. Keep one in your car or handy at your workplace or home and never worry about carrying other chargers on you.

Buy here for $9.99

8. Tube-shaped 2400 mAh Power bank

power bank tube


These tiny and handy power banks can charge devices on the go and fit easily in your sling bags, wallets and bags. 

Buy here for $6.99

9.  Thumb-shaped 64GB Pen drive

thumb shaped pen drive

This realistic Thumb-shaped pendrive is part freaky, part genius. And at 64GB it stores more data than thousands of human hands put together.

Buy here for $9.99

10. USB LED lights

USB led light


Plug this bendy USB light into your laptop, power bank or any other USB port and give yourself just enough focus light to use your laptop or read in the dark.

Buy a pair for $8.99


Happy Shopping to you!


Interconnecting Phones, Laptops & TVs Is Easy With These Unglamourous But Powerful Cables & Adaptors

So you wanna play movies on your TV from your phone? Project your powerpoint presentations on a TV screen at work? Convert old tapes into today's modern technology. The good news is that connecting devices is easier than we think. All we need is a simple cable to possibly connect any two or multiple devices across phones, TVs, laptops and other cables. More often that not people don't get the best out of their electronics because they can't tell a useful cable from a piece of tangled mess. So, we tell you what these unsightly but super useful cables do.

1. 3-in-1 Mini Displayport to DP DVI HDMI Cable

If you have a Macbook or Macbook air you likely don't have an HDMI port on your device to connect laptop with TV. This is where a displayport to HDMi cable comes in. Watch this video to know how to use the display port to HDMi cable adaptor connector to connect your Mac and TV. 

Buy here.


2.  MHL Micro USB to HDMI Adapter

Want to project your phone's screen on the TV or simply play a video clip from your phone on the big screen? You need a micro-USB to HDMI adapter. Since this is just a adapter, and you can't connect it directly with the TV, after turning your phone into an HDMI-port with this adapter, you need any HDMI-HDMI cable to connect the HDMi adapter to the TV. Watch this video to know how to use a micro-USB to HDMI adapter to connect it with your TV.

 Buy here


3. 4K-Compatible HDMI to HDMI Cable

You can connect your laptop or your phone with your TV to display photos, videos and play movies or project presentations on your HD TV with an HDMI to HDMI cable. 

Works with: Laptops with HDMI ports/HDMI adapters connected to phones and TVs with HDMI port. (All modern TVs have HDMI ports.)

Watch this video to know how an HDMI cable works.

 Buy here.


4. 3-Way HDMI Splitter

An HDMI Splitter is used to take a single source (such as a BlueRay Player, Cable Box, or Satellite box) and distribute that HDMI signal to multiple TVs. Most splitters if needed can also be cascaded to further expand such splitting capability.  

Buy here.

5. HDMI to RCA cable

The HDMI to RCA cable allows you to connect your older electronics like DVD players, camera, to a flat screen TV designed to meet all HDMI standards. 


6. VHS To USB Converter

Recover your family memories and convert your VHS tapes to DVD or USB with a simple cable. 


Buy here.

7. USB 3.0 Mobile Hard drive Data cable 

USB 3.0 Cable To Connect Mobile Hard Drive

Ideal for connecting USB 3.0 enabled PC peripherals such as hard drives, printers, network hubs and more with USB ports.  It's compatible with Samsung Galaxy S5, Galaxy Note 3, Galaxy Note Pro 12.2, and portable USB 3.0 external hard drives including Toshiba Canvio, Seagate FreeAgent, and Western Digital (WD) My Passport and Elements hard drives

Buy here.

8. Multi- USB port Hub Cable

Multiple USB port HUB Cable

When you have just USB port on your laptop but multiple USB devices like a pen drive, a charging cable and another USB cable that needs to be connected simultaneously, this handy Multi-USB port "squid" comes in handy.


9 Things Every Lyft Or Uber Driver Should Carry In The Car To Ensure The Best Driving Experience & 5* Ratings

Probably a few years ago no one would've written something like this. Uber wasn't a thing, much less things Uber drivers should carry in their cars. But now, millions of people earn their living from driving an Uber or a Lyft, or some do it as a side gig. Whatever your reason or earnings from driving for a living may be, fact remains, it's a business after all, and like others, customer satisfaction makes a lot of difference. A happy customer is good for morale. b) A happy ride experience means better ratings for you leading to higher incentives and chance for growth. 

While most times, your work ethic, driving skills and communication will take you places, sometimes it's the little tangible things that you need in the car to make a difference. So we got talking with a few Uber-driver friends of ours, and this is what they say you need in the car.

(Just so you know, we're including links to buy these items from the Laava, and you can get every product featured here at an additional 10% discount by using the promo code ILOVEMYCAR )


1. A great GPS mount

Universal GPS car mount

This is a basic. If you drive an Uber or a Lyft, a GPS-enabled device is a must from day one, and you likely have a mount for it already. The car GPS mount should be of good quality, sturdy, and ensure a non-intrusive experience for your device. Here's one for $12.


2. Car charging USB ports

car charging triple USB port


If you're driving an Uber, having maps and GPS on all the time, WILL take a toll on your phone battery and yes you'll be pretty much charging it all the time. It's crucial to have a good car charging port and cable at all times. In fact it's not enough to have one USB but dual USB charging ports because more often than not, your customers may borrow the charger to charge their devices while on a ride.

Get a triple-USB port here or here. If you're feeling a bit generous, you can even get a 4-in one quick charging power bank like this.


3.  Charging cables

3 in 1 Cable for iPhone, ipad and Android

And a lot of customers are going to need charging, but not all of them will carry a charging cable. So, to give them that awesome experience and save the day, have a charging cable that works with most phones. A multi-pin charging cable that works for iPhones and Android would do the job great. 

You can get a 3 in 1 charging cable for iPhones, iPads and Android (micro USB) phones here.


4. Emergency Car Repair Kit

car repair emergency kit

We cannot stress this enough. Uber just like normal cars are vulnerable to breakdowns, crashes and accidents. When you're ferrying other passengers, the responsibility to have the car up and running is even more intense. It's not only good, but mandatory to carry an emergency repair tool kit in your car. We recommend this 4-in-1 emergency tool-kit that comes with a torch and a knife, and this  6 piece emergency kit.


5. Car Duster

car duster
Riders always leave a mess in your car after they leave? Surely, that can't be pleasant for the next customer. Make sure you always quickly dust off the passenger seat after a customer. A quick, handy duster would be just what you need at this point. Or you can take it a level ahead, and a get portable car vacuum cleaner for $14 here.


6. Bluetooth Car speakers

bluetooth car speaker

So, your car doesn't have an audio-stereo system? No problem. Luckily, these days there are Bluetooth speakers who do the job, whether inside vehicles or beyond. 

Enjoy music from your smartphone or tablet, even if it’s in a pocket or purse, through your car speakers; receiver plugs into 3.5mm jack

Get this Bluetooth speaker  for just $15.99 here.


7. A Dash cam

A dash cam is the cheapest insurance policy you can buy both for yourself and your car. Having a dash cam in your vehicle will not only discourage bad passenger behavior, it will also act as an objective witness if you’re ever involved in a collision or some other incident on the road. You can buy a $22 dash cam here.


8. A multi-purpose entertainment plus charging device

3 in 1 car radio, music player and USB charging dock

If you don't wanna carry too many gadgets in the car, you can consider a multi-functional device that works as a radio transmitter, a charging dock and a Bluetooth enabled music player all in one. 

Get one here for just $33.


9. Car Back Support

car back rest

This is probably the most important thing you'll have in your car that your health will thank you for. Sitting in the car for long hours can take a toll on your posture and your back health. You need a car seat rest that takes care of your back and prevents injury.


10. A car seat organizer

car seat organizer

If you're car is littered with stuff users have left behind, or you want to carry things that will make both your and their ride a little more comfortable, you want to consider getting a seat-back organiser that can hold car essentials like a tissue box, water bottles and magazines. Get one here for just $19.


Most importantly, carry a smile and a happy attitude! Happy driving!

12 Halloween Costumes From 2016 That Tech Nerds Will Appreciate

If you're talking about nerds, tech geeks and the computer-obsessed, they really took their Halloween to the next level. So much so that they became the living, walking, talking impersonation of their favourite technology or gadgets!

Whether outright genius, or downright boring, these costumes are winning nerd Halloween. 

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